Music on the Web
Here are some of my favorite music links!

Go to the official BNL web site!
Barenaked Ladies
I first heard BNL back in 1993 on a college radio station in Ithaca, New York.  The station was playing their song Box Set and it was love at first hear!  Check out their official web site.  BNL is definitely one of the premier bands of the 90's.
Enter the BNL Web Ring to sample a variety of BNL sites on the web!  (go to the bottom of the BNL Web Ring home page and click on Next or Random to begin your tour)
Click here to go to the Internet Beatles Album web site!
The Beatles
While there are well over 375,000 web sites mentioning the Beatles, the Internet Beatles Album web site is one of my favorites.  The Beatles Second Album was the first album I purchased and I still listen to it today.  The Beatles are simply the most influential rock and roll band of all time!
Click here to go to the Unofficial Spirit web site!
Spirit was definitely a group ahead of its time with its unusual mix of rock, jazz, and blues.  Their music is as fresh and poignant today as it was back in the late sixties and seventies.  Did you know that Randy California played with Jimi Hendrix in England? 
Click here to go to Yesworld, the official Yes web site!
Yes is a progressive rock group that changed my music listening habits when I first heard The Yes Album.  Their music is amazing!  Steve Howe is one of the finest rock guitarists of all time!  Did you know hew was asked to beta test a moog synthesizer for the guitar!
Enter the Yes Web Ring to sample a variety of Yes sites on the web! 

Guitar Information
Go to the Gibson Musical Instruments web site!
Gibson Guitars
I currently play a Gibson Hummingbird which I got in 1974, great action and excellent sound.  You can enter the serial number of your guitar and find out when your guitar was made and approximately how much it is currently worth, very cool.
Go to the OLGA web site!
OLGA - the On-Line Guitar Archive
OLGA is a music library that shows you how to play songs on your guitar. The files come from internet guitar enthusiasts just like you and me.  OLGA is a great starting place if you're trying to figure out how to play your favorite tunes. 
Click here to go to Harmony Central!
Harmony Central claims to be the internet resource for musicians.  From the latest music news to well over 50 sites featuring guitar tablature, this site has it all.  Definitely a must "surf" for all musicians!

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