Humor on the Web
Here are some of my favorite humor sites on the web !!!

Click here to go to Dilbert's web site!
The Dilbert Zone
A great comic and a great web site!  See the comic of the day, be interviewed by Catbert, read the latest Dilbert newsletter, and much, much more!
Click here to go to the Calvin and Hobbes web site!
Calvin and Hobbes
Bill Watterson published the last Calvin and Hobbes comic on December 31, 1996  but the legend lives on!  Visit the comics of the past and meet Calvin, Hobbes, and all the gang on this excellent web site!
Go to!
FoxTrot is a new favorite since Calvin and Hobbes left us to go exploring.  Meet Jason, Peter, Paige, and the rest of the gang at the official web site!
Click here to go to the official Doonesbury web site!
Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
Get your daily fix of Mike, Zonker, Duke, and the rest of the gang at this official web site.  Zonker's Flashback section lets you access over 28 years of Doonesbury comic strips.  Check out the truck driver strips from 1974!

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