Travel Agents and Airlines - Rights and Liabilities
The Travel Industry
  • Agency Law
  • Tariffs
Remedies for Small Damages
  • Small Claims Court
  • Class Action suits
The Rights of the Traveler
  • Overbooking
  • Baggage Claims
    • domestic
    • international
  • Traveling with Animals
  • Refunds on Tickets
  • Rights of Handicapped Travelers
Special Rights of Airlines
  • Right to Cancel Scheduled Flights
  • Rights of Airline Captains
Liability for Consequences of Traveler's Lack of Visa
  • Liability for Negligence
Liabilities of Travel Agents and Charter Tour Companies
  • Liability for Own Actions
    • provide accurate information
    • investigate third-party suppliers
  • Disclaimers by Travel Agents
  • Insurance
Rental Cars
  • Overbooking
  • Accidents
  • Negligent Rental of a Defective Car
  • Unauthorized Drivers
  • Age Discrimination When Renting Cars

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