Duty Owed to Guest Inside the Property
In the Guest Room
  • cleanliness
  • furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • animals and insects
  • bathroom appliances and hot water
In Public Areas
  • lobby and halls
  • elevators and escalators
  • doors
  • stairways and steps
In Restaurants and Dining Rooms
  • slippery floors
  • foreign substances on floor
  • placement of tables and chairs
  • enforcing a policy of frequent floor inspection and cleaning
  • fixtures
  • flaming foods and hot liquids
Note 1:  We are not the insurers of our guests' safety
Note 2:  We are only liable if we fail to exercise reasonable care
Note 3:  We have a nondelegable duty to keep the premises safe
Note 4:  The guest has a legal right to expect the room to be in a clean and safe condition

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