Vermont Tourism Facts

Tourism is among the top three industries in Vermont . . .
  • total direct tourism spending is about $2.2 billion
Vermont was our 14th state!
  • in 1997, 4.62 million visitors made 15.74 million separate trips to Vermont
  • 29% of trips were made in summer
  • 26% of trips were made in the fall
  • 26% of trips were made in the winter
  • 19% of trips were made in the spring
Tourists generate billions of dollars in revenue!
  • visitor groups consist of 2.38 people, they visit 3.41 times per year, and stay an average of 3.52 nights
  • tourism activity in Vermont generates 23% of total state employment
  • for every $1 million spent by tourists, 38 jobs are created
  • 75% of domestic pleasure travelers stayed overnight with either lodging businesses or private residents
Traveling to Vermont is easy!
  • the average occupancy rate for the lodging industry is 38% with August and October having occupancy rates of over 50%
  • for every $1 spent by tourists, an additional $.69 of spending is generated in the Vermont economy
Source:  National Survey of the Vermont Visitor, University of Vermont, 1999.

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